Uganda Sipi Falls Natural- Organic

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Organic Utz certified coffee from Labnotes

flavor profile: milk chocolate, strawberry

roast: medium (city plus)

varieties: blue mountain, sl14, sl28

process: natural

elevation: 1,700-2,000 m

origin: farms on the slopes of mount elgon, in the kapkwai region of the kapchorwa district, uganda

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additional lab notes: an instant favorite! this wonderful coffee has boozy fruit and berries notes and a very full body. the fruitiness is more prominent in the aroma but certainly carries over in the cup with prominent strawberry notes. bright acidity melts into mouth coating milk chocolate that stays on your palate. floral notes of rose are hidden in the background

preferred brew method: french press, aeropress, drip, pour over, espresso, cold brew

about sipi falls: sipi falls is the name of the mill that processes the harvested cherries and is named after the trio of beautiful waterfalls nearby. the beans are grown by family owned farms on the slopes of mount elgon.

certifications: usda organic, utz

sourced by: royal coffee

humanitarian efforts: for this coffee, lab notes coffee will donate 1.25% of each purchase to support the humanitarian efforts of world vision in uganda.