Simple Syrups


Small-batch rich simple syrups infused with various fresh fruits, herbs, etc. to add delicious flavor to any cocktail, coffee, tea, drink, or even to moisten cakes, etc.


Vanilla Bean - water, sugar, grade A vanilla beans

Mint - water, sugar, fresh mint

Grenadine - water, pomegranate juice, sugar

Cucumber - water, sugar, cucumber

Citrus Mix - water, sugar, lemon, lime, cara cara orange, blood orange, grapefruit

Rosemary - water, sugar, rosemary

Blue Curaçao - water, sugar, orange zest, butterfly pea

Honeysuckle - water, sugar, dried honeysuckle 

Lavender - water, sugar, culinary lavender

Lemon Rosemary - water, sugar, lemon, rosemary