Hollow Earth Espresso blend

0.75 lb
Size: 12oz

flavor profile: sweet, full, chocolatey

roast: medium-dark (full city)

varieties: caturra types, bourbon types, typica types

process: 80% washed, 20% natural

elevation: 1600-1900 m

origin: this coffee is a blend of coffees from nicaragua, guatemala and brazil

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additional lab notes: this is our first espresso roast. very full and smooth with low acidity, this coffee is good anytime, but especially on a cold morning. the brewed cup has hints of cinnamon and almond in the aroma. the sweetness level is very high and goes well with the rich intensity of this coffee. it is full bodied and coats your mouth as you drink it. it’s been an instant favorite for those who have tried it. although designed to be brewed as espresso, we have also really enjoyed it in the french press.

preferred brew method: espresso, french press, aeropress, drip, cold brew.

certifications: none

sourced by: coffee shrub

humanitarian efforts: for this coffee, lab notes coffee will donate 1.25% of each purchase to support the humanitarian efforts of world vision in guatemala.