Heritage Cornmeal and Polenta


Pima Corn Grits: We love this in casseroles with vegetables, or cooked as a side dish or for hot cereal. Amazing creamy flavorful grits- the parching process adds superb flavor. Theres 14g protein in 1/2 cup!

Heirloom Red Cornmeal: Red corn flecked cornmeal made from red corn grown on the Gila River. Delicious Cornmeal!

Pima Parched Cornmeal: Hand harvested, hand parched, hand processed and packed to order. Great in cornbread. You will be surprised at the flavor the roasting adds to your cornbread. Get creative and add make your own masa!

Pima Polenta: Fine grind, stone milled, and packed to order. Try in a casserole with spinach and cheese. Creamy and nutritious. The parching process adds a delicious flavor to this polenta. 7 grams of protein in 1/4 cup!