Guatemala Xinabajul Marca Roja

0.75 lb

flavor profile: caramel, almond, cream

roast: medium (city+)

varieties: caturra types, bourbon types, typica types

process: washed

elevation: 1600-1900 m

origin: marca roja

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additional lab notes: notes of almond and caramel are clear in this coffee.

preferred brew method: french press, espresso, cold brew.

french press brew details: french press grind, 16:1 coffee to water ratio, 195 degree water with a 4 minute steep time, then press and seve. we pour the coffee into a carafe after the press to prevent further extraction.

about xinabajul marca roja: marca roja is within the la libertad district of huehuetenango, guatemala, and refers to the town this coffee is from. this lot is a blend of beans from seven different producers. coffee shrub, the group we purchased this coffee from, started project xinabajul (pronounced she-nah-bah-hool) in 2013 to source the high quality beans grown in the sierra de los chuchumatenes mountains. prior to this, those farmers were selling their unprocessed green coffees to the larger producers in the valleys of this region. the coffee would then be blended with lower quality coffees of the valley, resulting in lower prices going to those coffee farmers and reduced coffee quality due to the blending. the quality of all the coffees from this project have been outstanding and there isn’t a single one we’ve sampled and not enjoyed. you can read their full description of the project here.

certifications: none

sourced by: coffee shrub

humanitarian efforts: for this coffee, lab notes coffee will donate 1.25% of each purchase to support the humanitarian efforts of world vision in guatemala.