Fusilli Pasta


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Our artisan pasta features stoneground Heritage Durum Semolina, a wheat variety that thrives in our arid desert climate. After mixing our durum flours with cold water, we extrude the pasta through a chilled bronze die to preserve all the flavor and goodness of the grain and use a slow-drying method to enhance the texture. We can’t wait for you to experience the beauty of heritage grain pasta!

From seed to plate, every step of our process is thoughtfully crafted to create a rich, mindful and delicious experience for you and your family.

Fusilli finds its origin in southern Italy, where it was made by wrapping spaghetti around a spindle and allowing it to dry out. Fusilli can be used for summery pasta salads but is often a favorite for meat or heavy cream sauces, as the spirals “trap” the sauce.