Ethiopia Guji Hangadhi Organic

0.75 lb
Size: 12oz

flavor profile: red berries, rustic cacao, roasty

roast: medium-dark (full city)

varieties: heirloom

process: natural

elevation: 1,600 m

origin town: hangadhi

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additional lab notes: this medium-dark roast coffee remind us of a dark chocolate bar. the aroma is fruity, with hints of molasses, chai spice and caramelized pineapple (if you squint). the brewed cup leaves wonderful chocolatiness on your pallette, fruited and rustic. as the cup cools, the chocolate bar flavors continue to grow. the roast matches the ethiopia guji dambi uddo we carried about 1 year ago. dambi uddo is another nearby town. if you liked that one, you’ll surely to like this one!

preferred brew method: french press, aeropress, drip, espresso, cold brew

about hangadhi: hangadhi is the name of town where this coffee was grown in ethiopia, near shakiso in the guji region. this coffee is grown in an orchard in a polyculture farming system with beans, cabbage and enset. after harvesting, this coffee was processed by guji highland coffee plantation in hangadhi, where they process lots from other surrounding towns as well. guji highland coffee plantation was started by wadessa yachisa, the current manager. his focus is on creating high-quality coffee using methods that protect the environment.

certifications: usda organic

sourced by: coffee shrub

humanitarian efforts: for this coffee, lab notes coffee will donate 1.25% of each purchase to support the humanitarian efforts of world vision in ethiopia.