Costa Rica San Francisco 1900

0.75 lb

flavor profile: sugar-glazed almond, lemon black tea

roast: light (city)

varieties: caturra, catuai

process: washed

elevation: 1900 m

origin: san francisco 1900 farm, processed at the la casona micro mill. both are owned by roger salis

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additional lab notes: this is a very mellow coffee, like so many from costa rica. the combination of sweetness and almond is similar to sugar glazed almonds or almond toffee. the brewed aroma has hints of lemon and baking spices. this coffee makes for a great pour over and is an easy drinking coffee for any time of day. we recommend brewing it strong and with water at 200-205 f, especially if you’re brewing in a french press.

preferred brew method: pour over

about the origin: this micro-lot is from the “san francisco 1900” farm, with a peak elevation of 1900 m. both the farm and processing station, la casona, are owned by roger solis. this micro-lot was mechanically washed - where a machine called a mechanical demucilager, is used to remove most of the fruit from the coffee bean. the coffee is then allowed to soak overnight in clean water and dried the next day. this generally not considered a ‘fully washed’ processing method due to the mechanical removal of the coffee fruit. standard fully washed coffees are de-pulped and then fermented to remove the coffee fruit.

certifications: none

sourced by: coffee shrub

humanitarian efforts: for this coffee, lab notes coffee will donate 1.25% of each purchase to support the humanitarian efforts of world vision in costa rica, as well as 1.25% here locally.