Click Bloom Pins


I started collecting enamel pins several years ago and my collection has begun to tell a story of my life. From concerts I've been to, to places I've traveled, to cute designs that declare that I am a photographer, or a Whovian, or in this case, a Dreamer from Arizona.

Put this little sweetie on your sweater, your lapel, your travel backpack, anywhere you want to add a little extra style!

Motel Diving Lady:

Mesa's 70 foot diving lady has been around since 1960 when she was the tallest thing in the entire city. In 2010, she fell as a result of a storm and almost didn't make it back up. The people of Mesa banded together to raise enough money for her restoration which took two and a half years and cost $125,000. She can be seen today on the corner of Lindsay and Main.

Arizona Dreamer:

 Perfect Gift For: Phoenicians / Dreamers / Artists / Small Business Owners

Wanter Postage Stamp:

Perfect Gift For: Travelers, Out of town guests, Mail Carriers and Postal Workers, desert lovers, that one awesome friend who still sends letters in the mail.

Cactus Pin:

Perfect Gift For: Phoenicians, Cactus Enthusiasts, Out of Town Guests

Roosevelt Row Wings:

This pin is based on a mural created by local artist Lauren Lee that was originally painted in the arts district of Phoenix Arizona.