DNA Chocolates

Rare and exceptional cacao beans. Locally handcrafted in Arizona. Responsibly and fair-trade sourced direct from organic farmers.

From cacao bean to bar, we clean, roast, winnow , mill, conch , temper, and mold our organic chocolates in a small facility using traditional Mayan methods.

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Vendor of the Week

Daene's love for making chocolates started at a young age as she helped her mother make candies.

In her 20s, Denae’s travels took her through Mexico and Central America. She hiked through small Mayan villages where she commenced with the locals.

She still longs to wake up to the strong smells of raw chocolate bellowing from the freshly ground cacao beans and to s. in a warm cup of cocoa, thick and creamy.

Daene brings her passion and experience to every piece of candy she creates.

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