The Tamale Store

Like all great entrepreneurs, we once were a very clueless bunch. We are a family first and foremost, a family made up of dreamers and go getters. Truthfully, we were in it for our Mama. What Mama wants, Mama gets. So, we worked. We worked for The Tamale Store while attending school, paying for college, and beginning our own families and individual journeys. Each of us had our life goals set: an aspiring Doula, Human Rights Attorney, and Boxer.

Mom’s delicious tamales had other plans. Destiny stepped in and by popular demand, we had TONS of work on our hands. Mama Martha needed us more than ever, so we chose the path less traveled and focused on the family business, forgoing our individual plans and diving head first into a world of uncertainty and probable instability. FAMILY FIRST and we were in it to win it (*ahem* voted best Tamales 8 times, just sayin’). Thankfully, our wide eyed ambition won the fight and to this day, we get to (some days we’d say “have to”) work together daily. Because of you, our loyal tamale-lovers, we are able to serve our local community, create new products, and continue to build our empire one stack of masa at a time. We may joke that our tamales are “better than yo’ mama’s” but truthfully we all know nothing beats your mama’s cookin’. From a few of your local Latino entrepreneurs, we say THANK YOU and Buen Provecho!

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