The Salted Knot

Yep, Chad and I, we're kind of old school. Gen-X old school. We experienced life without the Internet and without cell phones, and we watched the first music video live on MTV.

We don't give a crap about the petty stuff. There's just not time for it.

We started The Salted Knot on a whim during the 2020 pandemic.

As a concert photographer for 14 years, I watched the music industry come to a screeching halt. Although I was lucky to still have my job working in behavioral health, we suddenly no longer had the extra income that photography was providing.

Chad taught English at MCC for years, and took on a faculty position at the Writing Center. After COVID hit, he lost his regular schedule, so we had to change things up pretty fast.

The two of us are known for our tenacious side hustles, and we've tried a lot of really cool things, some great, and some not so much. One day during the lockdown, I wanted to make soft pretzels from scratch. They weren't the prettiest pretzels, but they were really good! So we tweaked the recipe to make it our own, and started making pretzels for friends, neighbors, and anyone who just needed a little joy in their life. After that, things just took off!

Now we're rockin' out delicious handmade soft pretzels full-time.

We want to thank you for telling your friends and family about us, and to thank you for letting us bring some pretzel goodness into your life.

Your support and your kindness are beyond anything we could have ever imagined. We are very grateful.

Rock on, pretzel pushers!

Maria & Chad

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