The Pork Shop

The Pork Shop has been specializing in fresh pork products since it opened in 1979. Greg Combs, a third generation Arizona Farmer, was looking for an alternative marketing source for his swine operation. Selling fresh pork directly to the consumer seemed like a good idea since no one else was doing it at the time, so Greg learned some butchering skills, developed some sausage recipes and started retailing his own hogs right on the family homestead in Queen Creek where his grandfather had first started farming in the 1940's. Before Long, The Pork Shop began to add smoked products to it's line as well as a great variety of fresh home-made sausages and lunch meats until the business grew to the point where Greg now buys all natural mid-western corn-fed pork and devotes his entire time to the development and production of the delicious products available at The Pork Shop. 

As The Pork Shop enters into it's 40th year, son-in-law Jason Corman has assumed management bringing new ideas, products and innovations. Jason is dedicated to all the original principals of The Pork Shop and will continue to serve the area with quality pork products. 

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