The Hermesch House Custom Crayons

The owner of The Hermesch House Custom Crayons is Elizabeth Hermesch. She is a former elementary school teacher. As someone who loves to have a creative outlet, making crayons became a staple of surviving the quarantine blues during 2020. 
After posting an ad in MesaConsign to see if there was any interest, The Hermesch House Custom Crayons received 70+ orders of Name Crayons within 2 days! (It really helped that it was Christmas time, and everyone wanted them for stocking stuffers). A few months later, they became an official business, and the rest is history! 
They offer a selection of custom crayons for party favors, stocking stuffers, and gifting. The most popular item are the Name Crayons. They are personalized Crayon letters, spelling out the child's name. 
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