Spud Buds Potato Pre-Ordering for April 17th 4-6 PM

Potatoes Available for Pre-Order*
Grade A Red potatoes, 10lb bag- $7
Grade A Gold potatoes, 10lb bag- $8
Consumer russet potatoes, 10lb bag- $5 or 5 for $25
Commercial russet potatoes , 20lb bag - $15 (Super large. Sold to the likes of In-N-Out, 5 Guys, and Ruths Chris Restaurant)

How to Preorder
Follow this link to the product collection:
Add the potatoes you want to your cart.
Select any date available, and check out.
The date you select is arbitrary as the only pick up time, is the time of the event.
April 17th 4-6 PM.
We will send an email reminder before the event to ensure you don't forget to get your spuds!
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