Wool Dryer Balls | 1 count


These could be called ‘Reusable Dryer Sheets' as they last 1000x as long as those disposable sheets and perform better. Win Win! These sustainably sourced dryer balls take the place of both dryer sheets and fabric softeners and contain non of the chemicals.

Key facts:

  • more energy efficient as the balls reduce the drying time

  • reduces static as dryer loads tumble

  • naturally softens fabric

  • chemical free - 100% natural & sustainably sourced

  • plastic free

  • biodegradable

    How to use:

  • The dryer balls need room to work properly - don't stuff your dryer too full.
    Use between 2-4 balls depending on your load size. The balls get in between the clothing to separate so clothes dry faster and are static free. Both colors, white and grey, work equally fine with any color.

  • Made to last 1,000 + drying cycles.

  • Pro tip: Put a few drops of essential oil (Lavender, Peppermint, Orange, Lemongrass, ect) on the balls to help your clothes smell nice.