Midi Bites

At Midi Bites, we’re more than just a protein snack brand.We’re a lifestyle solution. 


Feeling frustrated over the lack of good tasting nutritious snacks on the market, founder and certified child nutrition specialist Majo Mansour took matters into her own hands. With a passion for healthy cooking and a background in holistic nutrition, she set out to create a snack that fulfilled three main requirements. 


First, the snack had to bebalanced and supply a good amount of nutrients and protein. Second, it had to beconvenient. It needed to be easy to eat and come in grab-and-go, portable packaging. Finally, it had totaste good. Like,really good.


The result? Bite-sized snacks that check all of those boxes, and more. Midi Bites are not only nutritious and tasty, they’re also…


  • Organic
  • Non-GMO
  • Gluten-Free
  • Preservative-Free
  • Dairy-Free
  • Soy-Free
  • Vegan
  • Small Batch


Busy lifestyles require simple solutions, so Majo knew her product had to be crazy convenient. With an emphasis on simplicity, we created a resealable package that you can easily throw into your bag and take with you throughout all of your day’s adventures. 


The simple press-close design keeps the Bites fresh and just as delicious as when first opened, so they won’t get stale or dry out. 


Midi Bites are safe and perfect for adults and kids, college students and busy professionals, fitness gurus and yogis alike. So, go on! Share a bite with your friend, your mom, your co-worker, your gym buddy, your classmate, or even your little one. 


   Majo Mansour, founder of Midi Bites, has always had a passion for healthy cooking. With her background in holistic nutrition and a certified child nutrition specialist. Majo took it upon herself, after her son was born, to create a healthy, preservative-free snack that could easily adapt to her family’s healthy and active lifestyle. After experimenting with multiple recipes, flavors, and textures, Majo made batch after batch and asked the opinions of her surrounding community of mothers, gyms, and coffee shops to receive feedback on her creations. Finally Midi Bites were Created—a product for adults and Kids that is based on the simple idea of health, convenience, and taste.

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