Hayden Flour Mills

My dad and I started Hayden Flour Mills in 2011. It had been a long-time dream to start a business together and the timing was perfect. My dad’s sourdough bread baking habit was getting out of control and he couldn’t find any high-quality flour with deep flavors.  My dad got a small stone mill and started milling in his garage. Then we upgraded to an Austrian stone mill and set up in the back of Chris Bianco’s restaurant (thank you Chris!). From that point on we realized my dad’s bread hobby had turned into a business. We partnered with local farmers to start growing these amazingly flavorful heritage grains and set up a booth at the Phoenix farmer’s market.

Now we have a much bigger Italian stone mill and we are located on the farm where most of our grains are grown. And our line of heritage grain flours and baking mixes are available across the country


Hayden Flour Mills is devoted to stone milling heritage and ancient grains because we think that they’re delicious and that they’re better for you and the planet. We hope you’ll give our heritage flours, grains, crackers, pancake mixes and cereals a special place at your table. Never bleached or enriched. Always fresh. Our flour is simply stone milled: an old-world process that allows the flavor and personality of the wheat to shine through. Our customers who had sworn off gluten (over-processed, bleached flours) for good, tell us that they can eat our grains and flours without issue!

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