Happy Road Farms

Ron Poncin spent his formative years on an Iowa farm in the small town of Clarion. His family grew everything from corn and soybeans to hogs and cattle. It goes without saying, farming is in his blood. 

In Clarion he developed a love for growing and a love for community. Ron often recalls his grandmother’s huge garden where she would grow the most beautiful produce for the family and neighbors. He tells of his mother making daily scratch meals and how she would feed the family and farmhands. Food and community have always been in his blood.

Ron’s love for growing led him to seek innovative ways to make the most out of this property in Queen Creek, Arizona. Ron started exploring hydroponics and found a passion for the process. This is when the origin for Happy Road Farms was cultivated. Ron wants to feed the local community with his unbelievably tasty and nutritious living lettuce. Grown and harvested in Queen Creek, Arizona -from his farm to your table.

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