Fond du Lac Farms

Here at Fond du Lac Farms, we are committed to the timeless practices of yesterday coupled with the knowledge and information of today. We believe that God created food to care for His creation and that altering it's natural state is unnecessary. For thousands of years people have consumed fresh milk and have enjoyed all the benefits. Today's information allows us to handle this product with great care so that both your family and ours cans consume milk as nature intended.

Core values:

A dear friend encouraged us to define our core values at the start of this journey. The process of coming up with these values was extremely important as we began to determine what we absolutely would not compromise on. After months of thought and dialogue, these are our "hills we will die on":

  • Principled- "acting in accordance with morality and showing recognition of right and wrong"
  • Constancy- " quality of being dependable and faithful"
  • Excellence- " the quality of being outstanding or extremely good"
We believe that in keeping with these core values we will be able to sustain a quality product with quality animals to quality people for years to come.
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