Desert Dog Treat Bar

Desert Dog Treat Bar is a place for you and your pet. You will always get fresh treats and some really rad service.

We rescued our two dogs, Chester and Diego, from a kill-shelter in New Mexico. We foster-failed…twice (win for us!) As many other dog owners know, dog’s are unique, goofy, energized and truly make each day better.

We wanted the best for them and we wanted them to live long, happy and, most importantly, healthy lives. So we created Desert Dog Treat Bar. Home-made treats (with a shelf-life) and items that are fresh for your pet!

Treats should not last months. Treats should not include ingredients that you can’t pronounce. Desert Dog Treat Bar believes treats should be as safe for you as is it for your pet.

Our dogs (and even us) try each treat we make and we would never make, sell or distribute something we wouldn’t let our own dogs consume.

Thank you for shopping small and supporting our dream. We look forward to meeting your doggos and becoming friends!

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