Big Marble Organics

Big Marble Organics gives you everything you’ve hoped for in a carbonated beverage, but without any of the usual trade-offs. Dwayne Allen and Chef Danielle Leoni have combined their culinary skills with a deep dive into chemistry and created the ​only ​certified fair trade, organic, and vegan ginger beer in the United States.

Allen and Leoni’s long-standing passion for ecological and social sustainability drove them to create Big Marble Organics Ginger Beer with a painstaking integrity not found in most beverages. As owners of The Breadfruit & Rum Bar, a downtown Phoenix staple for 10+ years, Allen and Leoni pride themselves on ethical sourcing, zero waste initiatives, recycling and composting, and supporting local agriculture. These values carry over into every aspect of their processes at Big Marble Organics.

Big Marble Organics was formed in their search to replace the ginger beer being used at The Breadfruit, when the producer moved its manufacturing out of Jamaica and began using poor ingredients and sourcing techniques. These processes were in direct opposition with Allen and Leoni’s mission, as they believe that being stewards of the industry means serving only clean food and beverages. Their recipe and processes were perfected over the years until they found the balance between carbonation and “Nice & Spicy” flavor.

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