Seeded Multigrain | Sliced


Our Sliced Multigrain is convenient to keep. You can easily store it in the freezer if you intend to keep your bread for more than a couple days. Pull out by the slice and toast them up for best results. It'll come in a freezer bag with a twist tie.

This is a full sized 800 gram loaf. This dough starts like our local sourdough with a blend of 12 different whole grains which are stone milled. This is one of our staple breads, and is both hearty and flavorful. A versatile base for sandwiches, avocado toast, or soup.

Flour, Water, Salt, Wheat*, Barley*, Rye*, Triticale*, Flax Seeds*, Millet*, Corn*, Brown Rice*, Spelt*, Buckwheat* & Quinoa*.                       *Organic

This loaf is naturally vegan and like all of our items leavened only with a sourdough starter. This bread is fermented.