All about The ‘Booch'

A Little Bit About All About The ‘Booch'
▪ We are family owned and operated.
▪ We still have full-time day jobs (for now ;) so most of our work is done on the nights and weekends.
▪ Years ago, we won a kombucha starter kit at our kids’ Montessori school silent auction. We started with 1
gallon and eventually got to 10 gallons at home, sharing with friends and family. We started to look around and
realized no one was making and selling kombucha locally so we decided to be the first!
▪ We are proud to be the first permitted kombucha microbrewery in Maricopa County (April 2018).
About our ‘booch
▪ Our kombucha is fermented at our microbrewery just outside of downtown Glendale.
▪ Everything is done by hand by us from brewing to flavoring to bottling to delivering.
▪ We are music fans and we love us some 80s/90s hip hop/rap.
o Our flavor names are hip hop inspired.
o Our fermenters are named after rappers(Pac,Dre,Cube,Run,DMC...)(or#1,#2,#3...).
▪ Our production process takes anywhere from 3-5 weeks.
▪ We use filtered water, organic cane sugar, organic loose leaf tea (a blend of black and green), our kombucha
culture of yeast and bacteria (aka SCOBY), and whole fruits and herbs to infuse the flavors (organic when
▪ We currently have 6 flavors.
o Berries’ Delight – made with mixed berries (think strawberries, blackberries, blueberries)
o Ain’t Nuthin’ But Pineapple & Ginger – made with just that, pineapple and ginger
o JalaBackBerry–madewithstrawberriesandjalapenos
o Bonita Apple Pie – made with apples, cinnamon and raw honey (our only non-vegan flavor) o BlueberryBasilYum-madewithblueberriesandbasil
o Funky Lil’ Beet - made with beets and ginger
▪ We do not pasteurize our ‘booch (i.e., we do not kill the live bacteria and yeast). We do not add probiotics or
preservatives. Our ‘booch is alive and always fermenting.
▪ Kombucha is fermented tea. As a result, it has trace amounts of naturally occurring alcohol. Consumers should
consult their dr. if they have any questions or concerns.
▪ Kombucha should be kept cold.
▪ We chose to have a 5 week “best by” to keep the ‘booch fresh and the best tasting.
▪ You can find our ‘booch in bars, restaurants, and small retail shops across the valley.

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