Making Pierogi dough with ingredients found in the store.

Making Pierogi dough with ingredients found in the store.

Watch a video of making Pierogi Dough with @proof.baker of @proofbread, and our flour on our instagram feed. 

Main Street Harvest is a place where you can connect with the sources of your food. The items found in our store are hand produced or produced in small quantities with great care. 

Ultimately, what we put in our bodies matters. The ingredients may cost you a few more dollars, but they won’t cost you what a generic meal out does.

This store is for the people that take pleasure in preparing food for themselves and their loved ones, who take pleasure in getting to know where their ingredients come from, and the stories attached to them.

This video portrays a lot about how Amanda and I enjoy food. Yes, it’s a simple making of dough, but it’s a foundational piece to pierogi which we made with our bounty of @southwestmushrooms from the shop.

Mushroom filling:
Diced blue oyster and blue pearl mushrooms from @southwestmushrooms , sautéed over butter with onions and seasoned with sea salt.

$9 of mushrooms
1 pastured egg ($0.50-0.67)
Small amount of sea salt ($0.01)
1/2 lb of @proofbread flour ($1.20)
Who can bring onions to our shop? ($1)

Add some of your devoted time, and this recipe makes Mushroom pierogi for your family, for several meals. Now you have the dough. Buy some of the remaining ingredients at the store this week when it opens, and we will post the rest of this process by the end of the week.

Finding value is not limited to the price tag. Preparing this meal came after first supporting the local production of food, at a cost that is set by the producers to support their humble lifestyles of devotion to their craft. This dough is made with heritage grains grown locally, milled on stone locally. The egg is from a pastured chicken, the mushrooms are grown by a man as passionate about mushrooms as I am about bread. If you don't believe me, checkout his Youtube here.

$12 of prime ingredients translates to $100 or more of pierogi prepared at a nice restaurant, if one could even find such a place.

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